“Really? I’m a Christian?” Katherine said, with a beaming face. She was utterly astounded that she now had a personal relationship with God. It was a new beginning in a story that went back to September 2012.

In September, Jessica approached a group of international students leaving a lecture hall together and asked what they were up to. Jessica asked one of the students, Katherine (pictured at right; her face is obscured to protect her identity), if they could get coffee together, and Katherine agreed. Over coffee, Katherine heard for the first time that Jesus had died on the cross to bring her into a personal relationship with God. The Gospel was new and strange to her, but she agreed to attend church that week to see how Americans lived, and kept in touch with a few of our students.

A few weeks into October, I (Thom) asked another international student, Paul (who we mentioned in our September prayer update), if he happened to know Katherine, and Paul said, “Of course I know her!” I encouraged Paul to keep sharing the Gospel with her, because she did not know Jesus.

In January, Paul invited Katherine to our upperclassmen Bible study. For the next ten weeks, whether her friend could come or not, Katherine attended every week. As we studied through Jesus’ life and habits, she got to hear that being a Christian meant trusting in Jesus and living for Him in every area of life. She befriended some of our students and spent a weekend in Granite Bay with 50 other Cru women for our women’s retreat in February. By the end of the quarter, she had heard many times who Jesus was, but no one was sure who He to her personally. In March, Jessica took an opportunity to get coffee with Katherine once more to ask her thoughts on Jesus.



As their conversation moved toward the Gospel, Jessica asked Katherine what would happen if she went back to her country and her parents disowned her because she was a Christian. Or what if she could not get a job because she believed in Jesus? But all Katherine kept saying was, “I can’t lie. I can’t lie. I believe.” Using 1 John 5:10-13, Jessica showed Katherine that if she trusts in Christ, God’s word assures her that she now has eternal life through His work on the cross. Katherine was overjoyed to discover that since she believed in Christ, she had a relationship with God not through culture or good deeds, but through faith.

When Jessica got home to share this with me, we wept for joy together. Praise God that He won Katherine to Himself. We’re so thankful that He gave us a role in her story, and we’re thankful that you have given to allow us to give students like Katherine the chance to say “Yes” to Jesus.



  1. Keith - May 9, 2013 @ 3:30 am

    Wow! What an incredible story! God bless you guys and the awesome opportunities God is giving you to be a voice of truth to those who haven’t heard.

  2. Sam - May 10, 2013 @ 12:41 am

    PRAISE. THE. LORD. What an awesome story!!! Thank you for sharing. I hope to meet her someday soon!

    If you wanna meet more Pauls and Katherines, I know a place you guys can move to. Just sayin :)

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